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sept – nov 2022


Maybe you know what to do in your business, but can’t seem to bring yourself to do it?

You might be working against your body, here’s how it could show up:

– You took the courses. You know you need to connect with your audience, but for some reason, it feels hard to do.
– There’s a part of you that you keep holding back, you’re not getting truly real with people.
– It may look like ghosting your audience.
– Or maybe you’re not fully showing yourself when sharing your story.
– It’s constantly building and destroying your offers, instead of focusing on building sustainable systems.
– Or maybe giving up in the middle of a launch. When no one responds, you want to burn it down.

You’re not doing business wrong, you might have incomplete support.

…Because personal and collective trauma shows up in subtle ways in all aspects of our business

Most business spaces don’t talk about this. (We get it! It’s easier to sell strategies and frameworks.)

To grow your biz with ease, it can be important to:

• heal intimacy wounds so you can allow yourself to be seen, expressed in your truth, and connect to your dream clients;
• stay grounded when shit inevitably hits the fan (i.e., your launch doesn’t go as planned or clients want refunds on their investment);
• shed internalized systems of oppression ( i.e., colonialism, toxic capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy) so you can show up congruent, in self-ownership and integrated accountability
• build the nervous system so that you can receive and hold greater prosperity


A live, twelve-week group coaching program to give you the tools and practices to scale your business YOUR OWN way. 

This program will give you the space, tools, and support that you need to launch a service or an offer that you FREAKING LOVE (and that will love you right back)!

What we’ll do for 12 weeks:


Brand + Business Strategy so that you can know exactly what to say
to attract more people and increase your impact.



Body-based practices and mindset frameworks to support safety, pleasure, consistency, and growth in your biz without burnout. 


Nurture your connection with spirit, intuition, and an intro to tools like Human Design so you can build a biz that represents the real you.


This program was created for Activists, Healers, Creatives, and any service providers who want grow their business in ways that feel aligned to themselves.

what’s possible

What’s included?

Three modules to transform your business!

Get clear on what your biz is REALLY about and design an offer you can fully back with mind, body and soul.

How to talk about it in a way that connects with people and that feels GOOD to you

Mind/body/soul strategies to support you in promoting your business

This is what a sample week inside the program will look like:

Every Saturday, you will receive a video module to guide you on what to do that week.

Every Tuesday from 1 p ET, we’ll have a live coaching call.

Each week will alternate with Coaching with Isha (Somatic Business and Leadership Coach) or Pame (Brand + Business Strategist and Leadership Coach)

In between sessions, we’ll have a FB group for you to practice showing up and get additional support.

Important dates




In an effort to create accessible pricing we’ve created these tiers you can self select into.
Please select the category that best describes your experience. (The rate that has the most statements that apply to you!)
We’re grateful to Alexis J. Cunningfolk for this language and framework.

There are a limited number of community spots, we ask that you
please select your tier from a place of honesty and integrity.

Extended payment plans available upon request.


• I’m comfortably able to meet all my basic needs
• I may have debt but it does not prohibit the attainment of basic needs
• I own my home or property OR I rent a higher-end property
• I own or lease a car
• I am employed or do not need to work to meet my needs
•I have regular access to health care
• I have access to financial savings
•I have expendable income
• I can always buy new items
• I can afford an annual vacation or take time off


• I may stress about meeting my basic needs but still regularly achieve them
• I may have some debt but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs
•I own or lease a car
• I have access to healthcare
• I might have access to financial savings
• I have some expendable income
• I am able to buy new items and I thrift others
• I can take a vacation annually or every few years without financial burden


• I frequently stress about meeting basic needs & don’t always achieve them
• I have debt and it sometimes prohibits me from meeting my basic needs
• I rent lower-end properties or have unstable housing
• I do not have a car and/or have limited access to a car but I’m not always able to afford gas
• I am unemployed or underemployed
• I qualify for government assistance including food stamps & health care
• I have no access to savings
• I have no or very limited expendable business
• I rarely buy new items because I am unable to afford them
• I cannot afford a vacation or have the ability to take time off without financial burden 

Meet Isha and Pame

Together, we are the down-to-earth, practical, no BS dream team for your mind-body-soul aligned business.


Isha Vela (they/them) is a trauma certified psychologist and somatic practitioner turned sovereignty coach for social impact entrepreneurs.

They believe the future of business is intimate, radically honest, and congruent with your energy. They understand that embodying safety and self-trust is what truly capacitates your magnetism and integrity as a leader.

They get totally jazzed seeing soul-guided folks in their power and truth, doing what they were meant to do with pleasure and ease.

They help mission-led, social impact entrepreneurs fully embody their whole humxn expression while also grounding them in the inner tools they need to run and scale a legacy-level business with pleasure.

Pamela Barba (she/her/ella) is a brand and business strategist and leadership coach. She believes that it’s up to us to create the world we want to live in. And it starts with you owning your brilliance. (yes, you!)

She helps entrepreneurs and creators launch and scale their one-of-a-kind ideas. Her grounded advice has been featured on Forbes and on stages nationwide.

She helps marginalized folks transform their communities by launching brands, businesses, and community-driven projects. After spending a lifetime in the design and entrepreneurship space she learned that safety and self-trust are key in the creation process. She’s obsessed with demystifying innovation and guiding folks to trust their inner fire


Who is this for?

  • You’re passionate about impacting social change
  • You have a big vision and are ready to take your biz to the next level
  • You know the shit keeping you stuck is trauma-based and not “all in your head” 
  • You’re so ready to receive more and BE versus give and DO

Who is this NOT for?

  • you’re uncomfortable with spaces that center marginalized (queer/trans/black/brown/neurodiverse) bodies
  • You’re not willing to take full responsibility for how you show up in your biz (or the incubator)
  • You don’t understand that growing your biz involves a fuckton of personal growth
  • You don’t enjoy smashing taboos and binaries or using curse words

When and how will the modules be delivered?

The modules will be delivered via email on each Saturday for the 12 weeks.

When will the coaching calls take place?

The coaching calls will take place every Tuesday from 1pm to 2:30pm EST., they will be recorded and shared with you.

What’s is Isha’s trauma certification?

In addition to being a trauma psychologist, Isha obtained her certification at a 4-year program at the Institute of Core Energetics, which combines expressive bodywork, humxn evolution, and spirituality to focus on healing intimate attachment wounds. They’ve added energy work, Tantra, and kink to the mix to make it their own.

Is this an anti-racism or uncolonization container?

Unwinding corrupt concepts and beliefs in the mind and body is a focus of the work in HARMONIZE because the aim is to create internal safety and trust. When you commit to the practices, you will dismantle and integrate parts of yourself that may contribute to internalized systems of disempowerment.


As coaches, we’re committed to anti-racism and to unraveling implicit and unconscious biases through the exploration of how systems of oppression are held in all bodies. (starting with our own!) 

still undecided? watch one of our past workshops to get a feel for our vibe!

This workshop is what we’ll focus on in Module 1!
How to be the REAL YOU and what are some of the wounds that keep us from showing up that way.

This workshop is a sample of what we’ll do in month three.

How to promote your business in a way that feels good to you.